Accéder's IDM


ACCÉDER's IDM begins with the first step:

We strengthen our client’s digital base: the client maximizes digital potential through the design of a successful digital strategy. The implementation of the latest digital tech tools ensures growth, and the engagement and retention of digital customers and audiences. In addition, new revenue streams are generated.



The second step:

  • Once the client has a strong digital base, we design their strategy according to the data its business generates. An ad-hoc data architecture maximizes its Big Data potential.

  • We ensure the quality of its Big data infrastructure and establish the tables, transformation and data processes from the data lake. This allows us to develop predictive and machine learning models according to the data strategy and overall strategy of the company.

  • This involves the production of operative dashboards and the implementation of our data monetization model (DMM).

  • We then incorporate our Model Factory service to significantly increase the production of good models. In doing so the client market reaction capacity multiplies considerably.



The third step:

  • We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. We use the latest AI technologies and platforms to develop models to automate key decisions from the client’s systems and data models.

  • With this we ensure our client has the ultimate capacity to react to market changes, employees’ operational capacity, and customers’ needs and preference variations.


Accéder's IDM is your path into the next generation, embracing the latest technologies to take advantage of market changes!