What is a Training Quest game?

A Training Quest is a challenge provided to every sales or customer support employee. The main is trying to help prospects or customers!

The training quest is divide on the following phases:



What are the main objectives of a training game?



What is our methodology?


We follow a specific methodology to ensure the content is created ad-hoc to your company and maximize the benefits and results from each game.


What are the main management objectives and benefits?


Adopting gamification on your training programs allows you the following:

  • Provide remote, real-time and more fun than on-line training.

  • Save costly and complicated in-premises training costs.

  • A training tool available 24/7.

  • Fast customization of training programs on matching clients with current or new product/services.

  • Content flexibility.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Player performance, perseverance and unwanted behaviour tracking.

  • Data generation for performance and recruitment predictive models.