Increase Your Audience Traffic and Engagement

We use our substantial experience to develop ad-hoc strategies for our media clients to achieve better results with their current digital properties. We help your editorial team to work better and increase content quality. With these, we grow your traffic and client base to implement the latest monetization tools to create new revenue streams beyond typical banners and programmatic advertising.

ACCÉDER also provides a technology team to develop web-applications, business intelligence analytics and machine learning solutions. From SEO editorial and technical services, mobile apps development, custom analytical dashboards, to content engine recommendation solutions, we make your digital media company more competitive and technologically updated. Let us build your digital media on a next-generation business.


Monetize Your Audience

We are keen on identifying all of the opportunities for your digital properties. We implement a Growth-Deepen-and-Retain (GDR) strategy to increase your traffic and user engagement. Once we maximize your property potential, we apply a monetization strategy implementing analytical and revenue tools to generate new revenue streams.

Our digital innovation experts have an exceptional track record. Nazifh Luna, our partner and team leader, worked for several years as a digital director from different news leaders. He helped these companies generate additional millions by implementing the right tools and creating strategic partnerships to monetize new digital traffic.

Let us replicate this success with your digital media organization. We have a low-risk model for you. We share the risk with you, and if you are successful, we will be successful as well.


Create Your Corporate Digital Media

ACCÉDER has created a customized solution to maximize your company's digital footprint. We have an experienced media editorial team to create unique content about your products and services to reach the audiences you want. We create your own media operation within your company's digital properties. We apply the same distribution strategies and techniques that large media companies use to get your content where you want it. We make sure a production of high-quality digital content that will make your products and services stand out.

In addition, we keep track of the content’s and strategy performance. Our Data Science team performs BI and Analytics activities to make sure that the digital content developed is working and your company digital footprint maintains also high levels of searching indexation and social media presence.

We support all this service implementing the latest technologies and developing your own reporting tools to keep your business at the top of the digital space.