Digital Strategy

We develop ad-hoc strategies for our clients to achieve better results with their current digital properties. We can increase your quality traffic and client base to implement new monetization tools and models, and to create new revenue streams beyond mere digital advertising.

To support our digital media strategy, we partner with Xaloc, a leading CMS technology adopted by Latin America’s and Europe’s most important digital media companies. Xaloc enables us to  the best experience to your digital audience, and supports our GDR strategy.


Digital Monetization

We are keen on identifying all of the opportunities for your digital properties. We tailor models to increase your traffic and user engagement, and to develop analytical and revenue tools.

Our digital innovation experts have an exceptional track record. Our team leader, Nazifh Luna, worked for several years as a digital media leader, generating millions by implementing the right tools and creating strategic partnerships to monetize new digital traffic.


Digital Ad-hoc Solutions

ACCÉDER can create specific solutions for specific problems that your digital business might be facing. We create strategies to generate new and better digital content. We develop ad-hoc solutions that can be quickly implemented, including digital advice, social media management and content generation.

The scale of your digital property is not a factor – no matter the size, we will always find the way to improve your company. With ACCÉDER you’ll have a partner committed to maximizing your digital investment and potential.