The Real Value of Big Data


The real value of Big Data comes when answering the Big Question: What to do with it?

And as simple as it seems, most times, companies’ executives do not know the answer. Despite you have implemented the latest data technologies available in the market, if you do not have a clear picture on where the benefits are and what to do with your data, your entire project might be doomed.

Therefore, before your contact any of the “golden vendors” with their ultimate tools, you need to do a profound analysis of the data you have. Have a clear picture on your Single Data (check out our DMM), what do you have and what can you get from each of your data sources. Having this, you will know what are the key sources that need to be delivering information to your data lake and where are the benefits on combining them into dashboards or data models.

Once you understand the potential of your Single Data, you will begin your data strategy listing the dashboards and models development, and begin taking out the benefits of your Big Data with specific actions and clear KPIs that create real value to your company.

“No matter how advanced these technologies can be, the key is knowing exactly how your business will take advantage from them” OGI, President of Accéder.

Oscar GonzalezComment