The Challenge for Managers with Data & AI Technologies


Many managers are feeling losing the control to their operations by the incorporation of data and artificial intelligence technologies. Like many other new technologies before, these are only tools that if use properly, they can solidify the future of your company.

Data can give you a reality check on your business performance in and out your organization. For instance, you can obtain a real sense of how your digital business is viewed and interact with customers in the marketplace. AI technologies can help you to automate many time-sensitive decisions and actions your business needs to perform, in order to react properly in today’s dynamic economies.

Learning data science is not the response managers need. But rather understand their company’s Single Data potential and what they can do with it. Thus, using managers’ knowledge about their business operations and market dynamics, they can direct the work and tasks of a data science practice, to their business’ goals and objectives.

Thus, in one hand, data can become a navigation compass to mangers, that at the end, are the captains of their ships. They understand the oceans they travel and know how to weather storms and difficulties arising during their sea travel. Managers can provide timely decisions to their crew that can be automated with the use of AI technology.

With this in mind, managers with a data strategy, can develop a clear picture of their client journey in order to define what are the decision making process that needs to be enhanced with the use of AI platforms and models.

In the other hand, data scientists and AI specialists took years to master their skills. While your HR department can catch the air and get you the right team, you can begin by outsourcing these skills to set you on the right path; acquiring the right tools; and define a solid strategy with data and AI technologies your business really need.

Oscar GonzalezComment