Why Using Blockchain Solutions?

  • Unlike traditional databases, with blockchain, it is possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of data on-read. Data you can trust!

  • Traditional databases are vulnerable to exploitation. Blockchain technology is exponentially more difficult to exploit.

  • Decentralization makes it virtually impossible to compromise data.

  • Built-in transactions traceability: blockchain data structure inherently records immutable exchanges between parties.

  • Blockchain enables unified identity management, persistent distributed governance and simplified multi-party collaborations.

Develop Your Security Token Offering (STO) Business

A Security Token Offering (STO) is the perfect blockchain solution to develop a business in which you can create a privately-own listing. Just like the stock exchanges works but a private listing that you can control and secure to everyone you allow in it. Thus, with an STO you can split the value of one asset in multiple tokens of a specific amount. You make these tokens available on a private listing to investors acquire them and own a piece of that given asset.

Either real state, art or any other asset that appreciates over time, instead of having one owner to gain, now the asset can have multiple owners to share its increasing value. The critical elements of an STO are setting the rules, enforcing mechanisms and have significant knowledge of the regulations applying to your particular listing. ACCÉDER partners with one of the few experts in the world that can do a successful STO.

Industry-Specific Applications

We’re developing blockchain solutions for the following industry applications:

Blockchain - Financial Services

Build transparency in your marketplace!

Gain a clear perspective on your financial marketplace with assets created, rated, and exchanged with immutable traceability.

The ability of non-prime lenders to obtain financing is a continuous challenge. High risk equals low rates due to a limited pool of institutional lenders. The use of structured assets in an open market can lower lenders’ cost of capital and offer competitive prices.

The need for transparency and integrity is paramount.


  • Reduce friction between stakeholders with a clear, authentic record of reference

  • Facilitate the signature process

  • Simplify administrative operations that are ready for scale

Blockchain - Manufacturing

Secure industrial operations from tampering!

Ensure the integrity of firmware and software. Track data, manage permissions and authenticate all devices.

As industrial processes become more interconnected and interdependent, cyberweapons like Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, and Gauss will only grow in prevalence and sophistication. The potential damage caused by compromised PLCs can be catastrophic and severely impact operational, manufacturing, or defence capabilities.

ACCÉDER uses MANTLE’s platform to ensure the integrity of the firmware and software of industrial connected devices. We track assets, manage roles & permissions, and provide the authentication of devices.


  • Strengthen operational security

  • Enhanced operational monitoring

  • Assure data authenticity and integrity

Blockchain - Security

Enable Instant Background Checks!

The majority of workers are predicted to freelance by 2027.  The current pre-employment screening industry must evolve to accommodate the security of increased background checks.

Background checks reveal up to 35% false or misleading credentials. The US Department of Labour sets the cost of each lousy hire to 30% of the employee’s salary.

ACCÉDER uses MANTLE’s platform to simplify credential verification without exposing any sensitive data to bad actors. An optional fiduciary audit trail can be configured to ensure the traceability of access.


  • Faster background validation

  • Safeguard individual privacy

  • Lower implementation cost

Blockchain - Legal Services

Electronic signature with confidence!

Cryptography and blockchain can securely certify and authenticate the act, signing, and content of any contract.

Billions of contracts are signed digitally every year by leading e-signature providers such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign. A large number of individuals feel uncomfortable e-signing and demand paper signatures. In some cases, e-signatures are not enforceable for key contracts  (wills, real estate, and promissory notes.).

ACCÉDER employs MANTLE’s platform to revolutionize e-signature by leveraging cryptography and blockchain airtight authentication.


  • Enforced contracts

  • Secured authenticity of signed documents

  • Lower cost of e-signatures

Product Applications

We’re developing blockchain solutions for the following MANTLE product applications:


Certify digital authenticity.

This product is MANTLE’s blockchain-powered file certification and validation solution. It allows for the integrity of data, systems, or devices instantly and securely, without false positives, or data leaks.

MANTLE Keeper only stores a sophisticated cryptographic representation of your data on an enterprise-ready virtual blockchain.


  • Protect critical RDBS

  • Certify backups

  • Signature firmware

  • Certify systems files

  • Verify credentials


MANTLE Tracker

Multi-Asset Tracking

Store, manage, trade, track, and trace an unlimited number of assets efficiently and securely within a permanently synchronized collaborative distributed system.


  • Control & audit trail access

  • Permission & rights management

  • Loyalty programs

  • Market order books

  • Transactional databases

  • Complex billing systems reconciliation

  • Multiparty scoring ledgers



Blockchain E-Signature / Court Enforceable E-Signature

Sign, track and store an unlimited number of digitally signed documents with cryptographic proof of signature. Signatures are time-stamped and unforgeable - combine with Mantle Manager to store the authentic document in a decentralized cloud.


  • Real estate transactions

  • Promissory notes

  • M&A transactions

  • Commercial contracts