Maximize Your Big Data Potential

ACCÉDER has an incredible team combining experts, technology partners and leading data scientists. We provide the best strategy to take advantage of the Big Data generated by your customers and company.  We can design the right cloud architecture and define its components to perform the best Data Analytics and Data Science according to your needs and budget.

We partner with one of the world's most experienced cloud specialist companies to build the right architectures to transform, transfer, analyze and model data easily and cost-effective. We partner and work with one of the best Data Scientists in Canada and with very experienced Data Scientists to assist your teams in developing the best possible predictive and machine learning models with your Big Data.

We are comfortable working on AWS, GCP and other virtual environments. We have significant experience developing machine learning and deep learning solutions in Python, Spark and using H2O to power your systems. We can create solutions that work independently or linked to other components within your virtual environments. The right architecture, components and programming software are critical to maximizing your Big Data potential.

Create Your Right Big Data Strategy

ACCÉDER helps you to analyze and define the best strategy to use your big data. Our group of experts have a significant experience identifying the opportunities, applications and use cases possible depending on the kind of data you generate. We have the best technology cloud integrators and data scientists available to work with you.

We can assist you in defining the most cost-effective data architecture and its components for your company. We help you to know what data to transform and where, and what to keep raw and where. We are familiar with most current solutions, platforms, virtual environments and software to develop a combining winning strategy for you.

At ACCÉDER, we care about your success, and our priority is you and your company. We build a tailored strategy that will allow you to maximize big data and lead the market with it.



Implement Machine Learning

We’re pioneers in discovering the value of Big Data developing data analytics systems. Since 2012 we have been immersed in the analytical side of the data, collecting, organizing and providing valuable insights. Today we’re focused on applying the latest algorithms, platforms and software to produce those predictive and machine learning models that will give you the edge.

Our team of data scientists have built and deployed countless predictive and machine learning models across several industries, including Communication Service Providers, Banks, Insurances, Digital Media, Retail and E-commerce companies. We work with the latest technologies, languages and algorithms to produce, update or transform your predictive and ML models.

ACCÉDER can develop any machine learning model either for single operativity or group of models for engine recommendation or other complex systems. We also assist you in identifying new variables to develop new or better high-performing models. Moreover, we have plenty of experience converting models from R to Python; coding from SQL to Redshift databases and developing APIs to integrated models on different virtual environments.



Monetize Your Big Data With Our DMM


ACCÉDER’s Data Monetization Model (DMM) is a result of our many years of experience in the data universe working with leading companies and partners from multiple industry sectors.

The DMM is a robust framework for data owners (businesses generating a large scale of big data) that helps them developing innovative new revenue sources (NRS).  We support these big data owners to create a Customer Data Marketplace (CDM). A CDM is a closed and protected data ecosystem where anonymize data can be used to generate NRS.  

There are many ways to protect your customer and company data, either encrypted or tokenized, to create a safe CDM. Once data security is in place and compliance meet, we can design the CDM. We combine several solutions, applications, systems and models to create a marketplace aimed to generate new or enhance current businesses to increase your revenue.

Our DMM has three different approaches to data monetization:




The first step to monetize data is to create revenue streams from the CDM, created with data from a Single Entity. Monetization comes from improving existing products and services with the new information obtained from a single data infrastructure. It also enables identification of new opportunities based on the needs of clients or of the market, which becomes evident within the existing digital ecosystem.



The second step to monetize data is to develop partnerships with other data owners that will enrich the CDM and create an enriched data segmentation. This step creates a substantial Data Ecosystem that can be exploited by members for its monetization actions from the new CDM.



The third step when monetizing data is the integration of the data ecosystem into technologies to create products or services with large scale reach and market potential. At this point, the data owners belonging to the ecosystem can create spin-offs or startups, to exploit this model on separate products and services under new brands.


ACCÉDER's Data Monetization Model (DMM) Summary




  • Exploit the data generated by a single data ecosystem.

  • Revenue comes from new advertising solutions and subscription fees from new products and services from this CDM

Step 2: Data Ecosystems

  • Exploit the data generated by two or more data ecosystems creating a robust and rich CDM.

  • Revenue comes from more profitable advertising solutions and subscription fees from new products and services possible with this new level of data.

Step 3: Technology Integration

  • Integrate data from the data ecosystems into trending new technologies to provide massive solutions for B2C to B2C.

  • Revenue comes from the products or services under new brands and business models.