Innovation Technology Experts & Entrepreneurs Developing New Solutions, Products and Services with Real Business Value

We believe in creating infinite businesses opportunities by generating constant innovation.

At ACCÉDER we live, think and breathe innovation.

Innovation requires talent, creativity and knowledge. We believe true innovation is possible when combining these elements with the right technologies. Our integrated group of entrepreneurs and best-in-class technology experts combine their knowledge to solve complex business problems. They transform complex technology concepts into highly effective, simple and powerful solutions, products and services.

At ACCÉDER we excel at breaking molds and shifting paradigms to produce something new and better. We shake up markets by combining our talent with the latest technologies. We design innovative and unique solutions, products and services to generate new revenue streams and provide the competitive edge to strengthen your company’s market position and financial future.

At ACCÉDER we are committed to evolve with our customers and partners into infinite players in today’s dynamic and stochastic business environments.

ACCÉDER provides digital innovation strategies. We partner with Nazifh Luna, one of the best digital media strategists in the market. We craft a sound digital strategy to increase traffic, engage and retain audience. We guide you in providing a better digital experience to monetize your audiences and create new digital revenue streams. We support our strategies with Xalok - world's leader in CMS technology.

Lead the market, and be ahead of your competition with the ultimate digital strategy and CMS technologies.


ACCÉDER implements AI innovation strategies in practical and productive ways. We use AI technologies to transform and maximize manufacturing operations into Manufacturing 4.0. We partner with one of the most innovative and leading startups in industrial AI. We implement a new solution combining IoT and AI to monitor, predict and optimize production lines like never before.

Monitor all your machines remotely, in real time and anticipate issues. With our AI solutions is now possible.

ACCÉDER designs data innovation strategies. We take full advantage of Big Data. We know what technologies fit and how to maximize data. We increase Data Scientist Teams' productivity with our Model Factory Service and ACCÉDER MODEL FACTORY™. You can update, produce, train and deploy multiple predictive ML models - as much as you want and faster than ever.

Secure your company’s future and leading edge with the power of data, developing easily all the ML models you need.


ACCÉDER partners with some of world’s best blockchain professionals developing solutions, and businesses using one the most advanced blockchain platforms in the market powered by MANTLE. From developing STOs, ticketing and supply applications as well other solutions, we certify the integrity of your data, track infinite assets and manage an unlimited number of digitally signed secure documents like never before.

Enhance the security and the tracking capacity of your companies most important transactions with blockchain technology.


ACCÉDER designs and implement gaming solutions tailored to your company. We work with a leading gameplay training technology. We develop Training Quest games to improve your sales and customer care teams performance and skills. You will be able to train your teams remotely with a high engagement level while obtaining result immediately. With the data generated, we arte able to generate ML models to develop games to recruit the best candidates for your company.

Improve your sales team performance and make sure to have the best sales people by introducing a game tailored to your company´s products, services and clients.


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